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What to Learn From Running a Marathon

Dr. Colin Knight What to Learn From Running a Marathon

Legend says that that the first man to run a marathon famously died upon the finish (the real story appears to be vastly different, however). However, many people run marathons as a way to increase their physical fitness and enjoy a fun activity. Others run them to fulfill the dream of completing a challenge. I’ve completed three in my lifetime. I ran in the first USAF marathon when I was a flight surgeon. I’ve also finished the Pittsburgh marathon and the Miami marathon. Running marathons may offer many benefits to your health, but can also provide mental and psychological advantages. If you want to know what you can learn from running a marathon, there are a few facts to understand.

Know What You’re Capable Of
When running a marathon, it will prove to be both physically and mentally exhausting as you push yourself to new limits. You’ll have to learn how to keep yourself motivated and stay positive to avoid quitting early. By participating in a marathon, you’ll know what you’re truly capable of, which can be incredibly empowering and can cause you to set more goals in the future.

Allow Yourself to Experience Setbacks
Having a few setbacks while running a marathon can be extremely challenging and can cause some people to drop out. Understanding that setbacks are a part of the experience and that you can learn and grow from them will empower you to continue pushing forward. You’ll become more resilient and won’t become as discouraged.

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