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Best Winter Vacations by Dr. Colin Knight

Best Winter Vacations by Dr. Colin Knight

Many people prefer taking vacations during the winter months. Some want to hit the slopes in parts of the country that receive the first snow of the season. Others desire to escape the harsh cold, ice and snow. Whatever reason one might have for waiting to take time off, there are many highly recommended destinations to visit once the weather changes.

St. Lucia

The tropical island country is part of the lesser Antilles archipelago between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The scenic landscape includes mountains, ancient volcanoes and rainforests. The temperature remains in the 80s year-round, so, relax on the beach. Go deep-sea fishing. Snorkel or scuba dive along the beaches or rivers to see many species of marine life. Embark on ATV tours in the rainforest and venture to a cascading waterfall. When the sun sets, venture to Rodney Bay Village and feast on BBQ, Indian or Mexican cuisine.

Jasper National Park

The park is located in the Canadian Rockies in Alberta and remains a hotspot for winter sports enthusiasts; there’s something for all skiers, such as the slopes or the backcountry. Snowshoeing tours are available. More physical challenges include ice climbing adventures. Guests also have the chance to embark on dog sledding journeys. Go along for the ride or quickly learn to drive a team of sled dogs.


The island lies off the southwestern coast of Thailand. Attractions here include the powdery, white sandy beaches flanked by swaying palm trees along clear sea waters. Charming villages and towns eagerly accommodate visitors. Venture to Phuket Monkey Hill and watch the small primate families scampering about. Phang Nga Bay boasts and otherworldly but beautiful landscape with unusual rock formations jutting up from the sea. Explore the villages and caves by canoe or take a guided tour.


The city was established in the Guadalquivir River valley in the southern region of Spain. The majestic and expansive Seville Cathedral remains one of the most popular local attractions. The house of worship is deemed one of the largest on the planet and has spectacular architectural features. Scale the stairs to the top of the Giralda bell tower for commanding views over the city. Tour the Alcázar palace, which is the home to the area’s royal family.

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Maimi’s Most Unusual Attractions

There’s a lot to love about Miami: let’s face it. It’s an infamous city with warm weather, lush vegetation, cruise ships galore, world-class shopping, some of the finest supercars on the planet, award-winning cuisine and top-notch sports (just to name a few). In fact, many of the exhibits which people see in Miami revolve around these core genres of luxury. Even Art Basel, which hosts some of the world’s best artists, to the Ultra Music Festival that hosts the hottest Electronic Dance Music, Miami is at the forefront of many popular areas of life for many people. Yet there is another side of Miami which represents more unique and unusual facets that are largely unexplored.

The Avocado Wine Vineyard

Schnebly Redland Vineyard, unbeknownst to many Miamians, is first and foremost the Southernmost vineyard in the continental United States. Some of the less far out wines made at Schnebly Redland include mango wine, coconut wine, and passionfruit wine, yet they also incredibly make avocado wine! Set in an idyllic tropical paradise of flowing fountains and bountiful palm trees, this winery includes a restaurant and wine tastings for under $13 per person.

Jai Alai

Most people looking for their sports fix in Miami typically head over to a Heat basketball game, Dolphins football game or a Marlins baseball game. Yet one of the most tantalizing and unusual games that go mostly unheard of in Miami is “jai alai.” Originating in Spain’s Basque country, this insanely fun sport hurls leather balls much faster than baseball with an average speed of 150 miles per hour! Guinness World Records actually recognized this sport as the fastest game (which uses a ball) on the planet. A fatal competition which once took the life of one of the sport’s best players from a blow to the head, jai alai came to the states from Cuban and Mexican players who emigrated here. Now utilizing helmet and other protection, this most unusual sport is entertaining to watch with a beer in hand.

The Venetian Pool

The Venetian Pool at Coral Gables is the only pool on the National Register of Historic Places. It is drained, cleaned, and refilled every single day! This most unusual spot in Miami is beautifully fun and certainly worth checking out!

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Miami’s Best Breweries

Dr. Colin Knight Miami's Best Breweries

When I first moved to Miami just over a decade ago, beer had a minor presence. That has changed. While Miami is widely known for its cocktail scene, many quality breweries have sprung up in the area. Combining creative brewing with vibrant taprooms and bars, the craft breweries of Miami are ready to show you a good time. Here are Miami’s top five craft breweries. Enjoy one of these breweries the next time you are in the Miami area.

M.I.A. Beer Company
M.I.A. Brewery, a taproom and restaurant in west Doral, serves its own beers along with selected local microbrews. The styles range from a Tourist Trappe Belgian-Style Tripel to a Big in Japan sake beer. The restaurant serves bar food favorites from Mexican and American cuisines.

J Wakefield Brewing
One of my favorite spots for sour beers in Wynwood, J Wakefield Brewing’s taproom features graffiti as good as its brews.

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“Is there a doctor on board?”


I just finished reading news that American Airlines is being sued by the family of a woman who died on board a flight from Hawaii. I won’t recount the all details here, but it seems she fell ill, a doctor on board recommended that the flight be diverted, he was overruled, the woman died, and the equipment on board was inadequate to revive her. Of course, that’s assuming she was revivable. The news account reported she died of a pulmonary embolism (PE), a blood clot traveling to the lungs. The death rate for a massive PE that requires CPR is about 75% in one study. But that is for the lawyers to debate. Reading the article prompted me to recall some of my experiences responding on airplanes as “the doctor on board.”

Flying several miles in the air with limited resources available makes responding to a medical emergency on a flight akin to practicing wilderness medicine. The airlines, I’m sure, want all of their passengers to arrive safely. The most prudent thing would be to divert every plane with a medical emergency to the nearest airport, but with roughly one in every six hundred flights having a medical emergency on board, roughly 80,000 flights a day in the United States, and an average cost per diversion of $100,000, it would cost $13,000,000 a day to divert them all. And that is discounting the cost of the inconvenience to the thousands of people who are also on those flights. So diversion is going to be a rare event. The FAA requires airlines flying in the US to have a basic medical kit that includes airway supplies, an inhaler plus seven other medications, and “basic instructions” for using the medications. Responders can advise the captain whether or not to divert, but ultimately it is the captain’s decision.

I’ve responded to three in-flight medical emergencies….

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Common Pediatric Surgeries


In order to treat both acute and persistent conditions in children’s health, pediatric surgery is often needed. With rapid advances in the technology we have in medicine today, many of these surgeries are now routine and have a very low risk factor.

In one of Dr. Colin Knight’s recent blogs, he explains some of the most common surgeries he’s performed as a pediatric surgeon.

  • Appendectomy
  • Hernia Surgery
  • Skin and Soft Tissue
  • Vascular Access
  • Congenital Defects
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Surviving Your Child’s Hospital Stay


When faced with a child’s hospital stay, it’s easy to feel helpless. As a parent, you never want to see your child suffer, and it’s difficult to know what to do to make the situation any better. If your child needs to stay in the hospital, here are a few tips to help you get through it.

Plan to stay with your child as much as possible
Many hospitals now assume that someone will be with your child during their hospital stay, especially if they are younger. During this scary time, your child will be comforted by your presence and will be more likely to express their needs to you rather than a nurse. Doctors recognize that children recover faster when their parents are involved in their care and are more likely to consult you about major decisions if you are present. If you can’t be with your child full-time, try to find out when the doctor will regularly examine your child and make it a priority to be there then.

Ask for help
Having a child in the hospital is stressful for your whole family, especially if you have other children at home. You may be reluctant to ask others for help, but you might be surprised to find how eager people may be to lend a hand. Your family or friends may be able to handle larger tasks such as staying with your other children, but other members of your community may be able to help as well. Contact your church or school and let them know what is going on. Students in your child’s class may want to send get well cards, and parents may be able to help out with carpooling your other children to school or maybe dropping meals off to your family. Keep an organized list of things that you need help with so that when someone asks if you need help, you have specific suggestions.

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